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Devid has woke up accurately at 6:00 AM. He is still continuously checking his phone overlie on the bed. Social media is getting checked one by one on his phone. Chintu is avidly seeing Facebook notifications & stories; all received messages in the whole night on Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. He finally leaves the bed at 7:00 AM, and his new day starts. Every morning of Chintu began like this.

This story is just fictional to focus on the addiction of the phone. Most of the peoples start their morning like this story. Does the frenzy of phone is addiction? Yes. We always heard and know that alcohol, tobacco, and drugs are addictions, but now we can involve phone addiction in these addictions.

No one wants illness in any way for free, but addiction claims frenzy on the human and cuts the thinking to get rid of it. The case of the disadvantages of dependencies can be comparable to the effects of phone addiction.

The whole play of addiction depends on the mind, but controlling the mind is not so easy at all. This article might help you little to reduce your phone addiction as per our experience. The following ways are readily acceptable to everyone and everywhere. First, we will see the primary effects of phone addiction.


The Disadvantages of phone addiction

Stress Levels

This is obviously happening in daily life. We were continuously chatting, working on the phone, and thinking about all messages, social media talks, etc. You might be experiencing that the phone is ringing, vibrating seems real, even not it is in reality. The high frequency of cell phone use can have adverse effects on our stress levels.

Eye Vision Problems

Continuously staring at your mobile device can cause problems in your eye vision. This will cause not much quicker, but you will start experiencing it after a few times. Screens on mobile devices tend to be very brighter, smaller, which means you are more likely to squint and strain your eyes while reading messages or reading something in small letters.

What are the ways to reduce phone addiction?

Use mobile anti-addiction apps.

There are many apps available on various topics. The topic of phone addiction is not missed. These apps can help you to reduce your phone usage with their impressive functionality like notifying too much usage of internet/ apps/ continuously staring at the phone, Keeping the appropriate distance of phone from your eyes, preventing over usage of any app/ internet. We are discovered some apps for that purpose, but you can also look for more similar apps from Google play store.

i) BreakFree Cellphone addiction

ii) Forest : Stay focused

iii) Appblock : Stay focused

Create a specific time to use the phone

Surely the phone is essential for some works. But work can't be categorized like playing games, checking whatsapp messages in no time & other social media activities. The phone is not our need at all; it created its necessity for us.

You can create a specific timetable to use the phone and start your mobile use schedule from indulgent to strict. I.e., First you can receive the incoming calls in your no phone timetable, then it should be reduced to zero times of phone usage. Also, you can choose the places for no phone zone. This will also be a unique way to rule on phone.

Realize the Real-world

The phone does not feed us to the growth of our body. Also, it does not fill all our needs. Real meetings and chitchat are more interesting than Texting via phone to someone. Go real instead of the virtual world.

Too much Phone usage gives bother face, Blackheads, and infinite stress level. Our life is going on with a real person. Imagine if you are gone to meet your relatives, and you do nothing than using the phone or continuously staring at phone. Surely its lousy impression. So, get real instead of addicting to phone.


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Make a habit of reading.

Think, What were you doing before phone was not available to you? Try to go natural like before. ( PC and other similar things can't bethink as a natural activity. We mean, Playing ground games, move around in the garden, chitchat with family, etc. ) Everything has an alternative, so there are many ways that are available for entertainment. Make alternative ways to get rid of phone addiction like reading comics, newspapers, novels, etc. without using phone.

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