Can we really use Jio 4G sim in 3G phone ?

Lots of video tutorials and other written tricks are showing that, You can use Jio 4G sim in 3G phone. Is it really possible ? If you are here, It means you have tried any of these way and became unsuccessful to use jio 4G sim in your 3G phone. We have listed some non-working tricks with result in this post that may be you have used. So you can compare what you experienced after using these tricks on your phone. There are few ways available to use jio sim in 3g phone. Read this article further, if you are excited to use jio 4G sim in your phone other than LTE.

What is Reliance Jio ?

Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited is working together as Jio established by Mukesh Ambani. Reliance Jio is a LTE mobile system operator in India. The headquarter of Reliance jio is in Navi Mumbai ( India ).

Jio is the another participant in the 4G market, has accomplished this development quicker than whatever other telecom operator or start-up on the planet, including any semblance of Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype. It turned out to be more prevalent after declaration to give free 4G data connection till December 31, 2016.

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Advantages of Jio sim :-

  • Free SMS & voice calls :-
    Boundless free messages and voice calls are the fundamental explanations behind the group going insane behind the new network. In any case, as indicated by the standards laid by TRAI, you can send only 100 SMS.

  • Roaming free Services:
    The Jio arrange gives free national roaming services. This is the first run through any service is giving a roaming free system in the nation. Beforehand, the huge roaming charges was a bad dream for practically everybody. This would be facilitated by the Jio Netwrok.

  • Voice over LTE calls:
    Since the customers pay only for data in Jio, the voice calls are likewise made accessible by the customer called Voice over LTE. This feature is relatively new in the nation yet guarantees magnificent clarity in the sound. But there is a catch in this feature.

  • This service can be profited only if your phone supports VoLTE. The ordinary 4G LTE telephones doesn't support this. And added to this, the data should be switched ON all the time to receive or make voice calls.

Can we really use jio 4G sim in 3G phone ?

( Result after testing tricks )

Xorware 2G/3G/4G interface app :-
Many videos and tutorials are showing you can use Reliance jio 4G sim in any 3G phone using Xorware 2G/3G/4G interface app.

Result :-

Xorware 2G/3G/4G interface app automatically stops before selecting or after selecting 2G/3G to 4G network in 3G device. So, we can't see any positive result after selected settings applying too. But this app works fine on 4G devices.

Trick :-

Selecting network by secret code :-
After dialing *#*#4636#*#* android opens testing window. Or using mediatek engineer mode.

Result :-

You cant select wcdama preferred network to LTE only or LTE/3G auto mode, because after selecting LTE mode, it goes back again to wcdma preferred network or GSM only, automatically.

Trick :-

Using preferred network in setting > mobile networks > preferred network

Result :-

You cant see any 4G network in preferred network, because your mobile frequency is compatible for only 2G/3G network. You can see the same result in manual network selection..

The fact is 4G phone uses different frequency band ( ultra wide band which is 100 MHz) than 3G phone ( wide band which is 25 MHz ).

You can see available networks in Setting > Mobile network > Preferred network. There you will only found network circles of 2G or 3G network.

According to this reason you can't use JIO 4G sim by inserting it in 3G phone. You might experienced that, JIO sim shows no service after inserting it into 3G phone, even it is working in other 4G phones.

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How to use jio sim in 3G phone ?

Only 3 ways are available to use jio sim in 3G phone :-

1) Go here to buy Jio Wi-Fi M2 Wireless Data Card.

This device is portable and easy to use.

You can connect 10 phone + 1 USB tethering at one time on network of this device .

2) Go here and buy Reliance JIO Jio-fi wireless Router.

You can connect up to 31 devices and 1 on USB to this Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.  You can enjoy JIO's all services by this Device.

3)Make changes in network hardware of your phone at service center.

This way is not wise at all, so better to get new phone which supports 4G VoLTE.

Buy new cheapest Jiophone

JIO have launched new cheapest feature phone that can be affordable at 1500 INR. Booking is available.

Features of this phones is as follows :

  • Dual Sim Support ? :- No

  • Touchscreen :- No

  • Network type :- Volte + 4G + 3G

  • Display :- 2.4 inch without touchscreen

  • RAM :-512 MB

  • Processor :- 1.2GHz

  • Internal storage :-4GB

  • Memory card support ? :- Yes. Up to 128 GB

  • Connectivity :- WiFi, Bluetooth, USB

  • NFC :- Yes

  • FM radio ? :-Yes

  • Front camera :- 0.3 MP

  • Rear camera :-2.0 MP

  • battery capacity :- 2000 mAh ( Li-ion Battery )

Conclusion :-Article is based on practically tested tricks on various 3G devices. You might experienced these tricks and known the truth. You can only use JIO 4G sim in 3G phone by Jio Wi-Fi M2 Wireless Data Card. The another way to enjoy JIO 4G service by buying new phone. Checkout the list of compatible phones for JIO sim. Share your thoughts on this articles also let me know the response to this article sharing via any following listed social icons ! So, stay tuned for more !


  1. Yes ! I've tried all tricks & also seen all videos on YouTube and became fool. I'm waiting for JIO's cheapest phone. Thanks for this article.

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  3. these are all fake videos or tricks. Maine bohat sare tricks use kiya hu but not working maine jio ke launching time me hi setember me hi 3g me barcode create kar liya trick se.aur jis time me only samsung me offr tha per maine other 4g me chalaya tha.

  4. Thank u for clarification..

  5. Thank you very much ! Good article !

  6. not a single trick is working.........better to get a 4g compatible set

  7. Thanks for sharing this information..have shared this link with others keep posting such information..

  8. thanks for sharing this information have shared this link with others keep posting such information..

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