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    Hello! Are you curious to know exactly who voted on your twitter poll? You will get it in this post. Twitter polls are a great opportunity to find out what peoples think. These Twitter polls can increase your product, brand awareness and engagement on posts. Twitter polls can be used to find out what people are interested in on various topics. Before you know how to see who voted on your twitter poll, you should know about Twitter's privacy policy.

Privacy Policy of Twitter Polls

How to see who voted on twitter poll?

At the point when you vote in a twitter poll, Your interest isn't appeared to other people. neither the poll maker nor different members can see who has voted to poll or how they casted a vote. You can read what Twitter has to say about the privacy of polls by clicking here.

Now you understand that you can't see the information of the voter participating in the poll of Twitter except the information of how many impressions were made on the poll from any of the platforms like Twitter's app or website.

There are many opinions about the privacy of Twitter poll votes, but it is only right that the poll vote be anonymous. When you are anonymous, you can easily express your thoughts without any pressure.

Why Twitter poll results are anonymous?

1. Can cast a true vote in the mind of the voter.

2. The voter can express his opinion without any hesitation.

3. The voter can easily vote as the identity of the voter is not revealed to the person or business creating the poll.

4. Independent voting can save voter from being trolled.

5. Since the identity is anonymous, it does not suffer from interest based unnecessary advertisements related to the poll.

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Don't get upset just by reading this. Then, How to see who voted on Twitter poll??? I will not leave your question unanswered. I am writing this post to give a solution to this question.

How to see who voted on your Twitter poll?

How to see who voted on twitter poll?
There is currently no third party service available that provides detailed information after scrutinizing Twitter poll results. Nor will Twitter's user privacy policy ever make such a service available. But you can know the voters of your poll by using the following third party services and tools smartly.

Google forms

Using Google Forms, you can collect information like voter username, e-mail, phone number and address etc. For that, after creating a poll on twitter, you have to write a post about the poll on a web page. Or you can promote Google Forms on social media platforms like Facebook. I'm just giving you the idea of Google Forms, but you can use Google Forms more smartly for Twitter polls with your idea. After submitting the Google form, you can redirect the user to your main Twitter poll.

Google analytics

If you are self-hosting the poll on your website, you can see the IP address of the voter on the server log. Using Google analytics, you can identify the browser cookies used by voters. You can also view the voter's location, age, mobile device, language and network. The combination of Google Forms and Google Analytics will help you achieve your goal more effectively.

How to see who voted on Twitter poll hack

The truth is that there is no hack available to know who voted on the Twitter poll. I were checking to see if the voter information was obtained through the source code of the Twitter poll, but after much effort I had to admit that it was not possible. Twitter is a popular social media and trying to hack a feature that is an important part of it is like challenging the policy they have committed to. Twitter uses powerful technology to protect its servers from glitches, and if someone accidentally finds a glitch in it, it doesn't last long.


How to see who voted on Twitter poll? I hope this question is answered. I personally don't suggest the way to see who voted on Twitter poll. It's against Twitter's user privacy. Not all of the routes mentioned in the post above are practically perfect, but there are currently no other routes available besides them.You can rely on Twitter for other special poll platforms available on the Internet. These platforms will help You to use more advanced features than the polls on Twitter.


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