Cheapest Ahrefs Group buy in India & Bangladesh at 80 to 99₹ (With coupon)

 Ahrefs Group buy in India & Bangladesh : No matter how good a blog post is, without SEO it is impossible to get that post to people naturally. Keyword research is an important part of search engine optimization. 

There are many free tools available for keyword research like Google keyword planner, ubersuggest and keyword tool io, but premium service providers like Ahrefs and SEMrush are more effective than free tools to combat the increasing competition in online presence with the changing times.

Before posting anything on a website, paid tools give you a clear idea of how much competition there is on the keyword you have chosen and how to deal with that competition.

What is Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is a very popular premium online tool for keyword research, site explore and content research. This tool was founded in 2011 by Dmitry Gerasimenko. 

Ahrefs tool is very easy to use and it also analyzes keywords, sites and content in a simple way that everyone can understand. Ahrefs offers four plans namely Lite, standard, advance and agency. 

These plans start from 99$ and ends at 999$.  A seven day trial of Lite and standard plan can be done by spending 7$. Many SEO experts prefer Ahrefs for backlinks and SEO analysis.

Ahrefs Group buy in India

Ahrefs group buy in india and bangladesh, coupon

Many could not take advantage of this tool as Ahrefs's tool was expensive.  But as an alternative to this, the concept of group buy came into existence.  

This concept has become very popular and is benefiting many small businesses and bloggers.  The Ahrefs tool can be used at a much lower cost through group buy than the original price of Ahrefs. 

This tool can be bought in India for only Rs 80 with the concept of group buy.  

 Many services like Seotoolsadda, Toolsguruji, Rkseoservices, Toolspur, toolszen and cheapseotools etc. provide Ahrefs and other SEO tools at affordable rates.

Best group buy seo tools India and Bangladesh

In terms of popularity, Rkseoservices and Toolsguruji are the two best seo tools providers offering Ahrefs and other tools at the lowest prices. Rkseoservices service offers Ahrefs tool for only Rs 80.  

In addition to Ahrefs tool, Stock Unlimited, Keyword Revealer and moz are the only three tools available on this website. Other tools start at just 30 rupees. 

 Toolsguruji SEO Tool Service offers Ahrefs tool for Rs 99.  Along with this tool, 29+ tools are also available on this website and the price of these tools starts from Rs 29.

Update : From the feedback given by many of our readers, we understand that Tools Guruji is cheating their customers.  So deal with this website carefully.

Ahrefs Group buy in cheap price

You can buy Ahrefs tool from Rkseoservices for only Rs 80. This tool can be used immediately after purchase and does not require any browser extension.

 This means that the tool is activated for you as soon as you make a payment and can be easily used on any browser. 

The Ahrefs tool offered by Rkseosevices has a limitation of 10 keywords and 10 domains per day for SEO analysis.

You can buy Ahrefs tool from Toolsguruji service for Rs 99.  This tool can be used immediately upon purchase, but requires the use of a Chrome browser extension.  

Here too, the tool is instantly activated when the payment is successful.  The Ahrefs tool offered by Toolsguruji has a limitation of 50 keywords and 50 domains per day for SEO analysis. 

This is definitely better than Rkseoservices.  After June 15, the keyword and domain limitation will be decreased from 50 to 30, so the sooner you buy this tool, the more you will benefit.

Note: Prices of any tools can be viewed only by clicking on sign up link on both the above websites.

Ahrefs Coupon code

ahrefs group buy in india and bangladesh, coupon

You may have found information on how to get Ahrefs Group buy in India & Bangladesh at a low price in this post, but do you want any more discounts on this cheap price?  

You will definitely get it, friends! But keep in mind that the coupon you get for it is rarely available. We are aware that the coupons we offer will not last long, so we are saying this at the outset. 

For this reason we want you to focus on a cheaper price than the coupon.

Coupon codes for 10 to 20% discount on Total price :

Sr. No. Coupon Code Validity Available at
1 ONLINEPEP20 (20% off) LimitedRk SEO Service
2 ONLINEPEP20 UnlimitedTools Guruji
3 ONLINPP10 (10% off) Disabled Seo Tools Adda

How do I get the Ahrefs tool for free?

In the past, Rkseoservices used to provide free access to Ahrefs as a promotional offer, but now no such service allows Ahrefs to use it for free. 

 To use Ahrefs for Free you can join the respective telegram groups and use the link provided to access free Ahrefs which will be provided there for some time. 

There, by finding some loopholes on the website of the service providing SEO tools, free access to Ahrefs and other tools is obtained and its link is shared on the group.  

Even so, the benefits of using Ahrefs for free cannot be taken long, as free access has some limitations. So you will realize that the cheaper Ahrefs tool is more beneficial for longtime than the free Ahrefs tool.

Conclusion for Ahrefs Group buy in India & Bangladesh

Rkseoservices and Toolsguruji are both cheap SEO tools providers that offer Ahrefs at very low prices.

  These services are Best group buy seo tools for India and Bangladesh. The question "How do I get the Ahrefs tool for free" must come out of your mind because the quality of paid is definitely better and more beneficial than free. 

We hope that ahreefs Coupon code is beneficial for you, but if it has not happened, we are sure that you have become beneficial information about how to buy ahrefs at a very low price. 

Enjoy the affordable Ahrefs tool and if you like the post don't forget to leave your valuable feedback in the comments.


  1. Can you suggest a best browser for using chrome extensions on mobile device?

    1. I use Kiwi browser myself, I will suggest you the same browser from the overall good experience.

      Thanks for asking!

  2. please provide toolsguruji customercare number.
    I need my money. I can't use ahrefs by toolsguruji.
    How can contact to toolsguruji.
    Please reply asap [email protected]

    1. forget is bro bcz toolsguruji is fraud tool so that they have not make a contact us page or anything else where customer can contact with him.

  3. toolsguruji are froad.No access ahrefs after subcription.
    Please provide any contact or customer number of toolsguruji

    1. We apologize for the inconvenience. You can contact the owner of Toolsguruji with the help of telegram and tell them about the problem you are facing. Username: @mahadev_namah. The tool provider's group on Telegram is also available for discussion.

  4. tools guru ji scammer hain don’t buy

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