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Free Google play Gift card codes unused list 2021 : Hello Peps ! Is it accurate to say that you are searching for some free Google play gift voucher codes, which are totally unused like another one? Okay! You are landed at the right place. Here, We are sharing some unscratched Gift card codes, which will correctly work at Google play store. 

Are you curious about where all these free codes are coming from? Don't worry. Let us explain this! Some digital services run free giveaway offers. 

We find and pick these codes to post here for you. We additionally use some believed Google play gift card codes generators.

In this post, We have given all unused gift card codes, So you don't have to utilize Google Play gift card generator by any means.

What is Gift card codes? 

Free Google Play Gift card codes unused list 2021

Fundamentally, a gift code or gift card code is the essential number on a card. The code for a Google Play Gift Card is normally a 16-24 digit number that can be acquired from any digital wallet and reward service.
For store gift cards such as Starbucks, Macy's or Home Depot, however, gift codes vary in length (possibly 16 to 24 alphanumeric characters) and are usually printed on the back of the card. 
You do not need a physical plastic card to comply with the gift code.  It's a good idea to think of using gift card codes on Google Play store. 

Because you need to enter a 16-24 digit code number into the Google play store system without presenting anyone with cash or physical plastic gift card, most people don't know that they can sometimes use a gift code in a store. 

You can save your money by getting the reward of Gift card code. 

(UPDATED) Google play Gift card codes unused list 2021

We've added some fresh codes to this Google play gift card codes unused list.  All of these codes will add credits of 1$, 5$, 10$, 15$, 20$ & 25$  to your Google play balance, respectively. 

Each group of codes has more or less codes as available, which will be added as new ones become available.

Sr. No. Unused Google Play gift card codes Value
1 98W8-7RKY-SILJ-65FU-SMVL 5$
2 849R-6R8N-7G73-0OUC-H597 5$
3 0N2P-10IH-7N5Y-P283-USUS 10$
4 PGS2-C8GT-PUH1-1FZ9-QOMP 20$
5 HS6M-X65Y-CWJG-FF1K-LP9O 15$
7 0XQV-BJ97-VONH-E5T4-6RXY 1$
8 3PD5-0HHI-HXH6-V23W-LK87 10$
9 1BTF-GB9Z-75ZR-T9RQ-I0DH 10$

  • HY0W-M23R-2ZEM-5DCV-5OMM
  • 81FR-7CIU-47FI-NNB7-ALSP
  • XP24-2KK2-45JP-JEC4-6CZ3
  • UV31-B38W-0YKT-1TWV-2LE6
  • W2A0-OPJU-0ZQO-U1DZ-Z1C7
  • 3MRU-S128-VXZ4-5JJ3-H3YK
  • IR1B-96BR-RHBH-ULA8-72B2
  • O5PX-6PQ2-EVHF-BNSZ-C200
  • L34V-MQFE-YAG7-P059-GDSB
More unused codes

  • 6WLO-GQ4Q-IF8U-9V5R-A30A
  • GU0L-A1LO-62S5-RDE4-M84Y
  • BFMV-MNIB-4JFE-4YF7-8G81
  • W8X8-CT6O-SVDH-0OYQ-4W3F
  • 51X3-XW1L-T12S-4GO0-EHP6
  • 82XP-454NT-QM8-5FM8-XKYL
  • XQ68-ZKRG-122B-OBI5-XFZP
  • 9HD8-F35S-SJ87-9YBA-3FFE
  • V5K8-PQCQ-JY8X-5O67-R49Q
  • CY66-K70R-48S3-I4UP-4T3A
  • P20J-F06Y-0XSL-Y4VX-K0C5
  • E42Y-JS18-FGAA-8AM1-ABB1
  • 10IP-4GYS-Y22L-ZFIH-FH8N
  • NLRF-KCZ9-G8AP-E8LN-O838

Google play redeem code free 2021 for free fire

In-app purchases can be made through the Google Play Store feature to purchase skin, upgraded guns and powerups in the free fire game. 

But for this, you need to have the required balance in your Google Play Store account. This balance can be recharged by purchasing a gift card and using a promotional code. 

K8H3KM5GDLMDBZCD is a Google play redeem code free 2021 for free fire. The cost of this code is 20$ and after using it, 20$ credits will be added to the play balance of your account.

140 rs Google play redeem code

In India, gift card codes costing only Rs 100, 300, 500, 1000, 1500, 10000 and Rs 5000 can be purchased in the Play Store version, so 140 rs Google play redeem code is not available.  

But for the work for which you need a redeem code of Rs. 140, you can redeem the gift code costing Rs. 100 to 300 and spend credits. 

You can redeem the E1UMJUCRN115VSWM, 9Q2QE90V6WTKNB4G, E7UOUYGPB6LFWJN3,
ID5034AO49AJ3V7S and LGEXNPLM4Z7CSFL8 codes (Rs. 200) to the play store.

Free $50 Google play gift card code

We couldn't find more than 5 codes for this 50$ price tag. Such codes are usually not available early due to high cost. But we hope to have more free 50$ Google play gift card codes available soon. 

Using codes B86UVPVHCV90H522, F458OWCV2XYE8UH4, ELV7QBOXMV8RIKQC, B436N70PB5L4NJIN and AW0E3QFPKXI8F4FU, You can add credits worth 50$ to the Play store and use it for whatever you need.

 If you have any problem while adding credits, you can read more information about Google gift card codes in this post to understand the problem you are facing. 

If you have any other questions, you can discuss in the comments section.

Google Play gift card codes unused generator

Google Play gift card codes unused generator tools generate some random codes for play store. There is no guarantee that these codes will work for sure. 

Such tools are also operated by some scammers.  The same thing happens with Paypal Money Generator.  If you are looking for a Google Play Gift Card code generator, make sure it is genuine before using it.

Google play redeem code free no survey

It is often impossible to get a redeem code without a survey, because you are given a redeem code in exchange for a survey.  

Very few genuine survey providers give you honest redeem code after completing the survey. 

 You can access the of free codes given above without any survey.  In addition, we have already provided information on Appkarma promo code for free and instant 500 points, you can see if the information is useful to you.

Google Play gift card codes unused no human verification

Taking a survey or doing human verification before delivering a Google Play Gift Card is one and the same thing. because under the pretext of receiving a card, you are forced to participate in a survey or complete some offers. 

Some services honestly claim to give a gift card code after completing a task. 

 Human verification is also required to avoid unnecessary load on the server. Google captcha is a simple form of human verification, but services that claim to give gift cards for free choose a different method for human verification.

Google play gift cards hack apk

There is no loophole to get Play Store redeem code hack apk or card hacks. Google's servers are protected by powerful security and are impossible to hack.  

If such a hack becomes available by mistake, it will not last long. Google destroys it as soon as possible with a new security patch.

How to redeem Unused Google play gift card codes?


Redeeming the gift card codes is very simple. Just follow the following steps. 
  • Go to the Menus by clicking three horizontal lines located on the top corner inside the Google play store app.
  • Select for Payment methods
  • Click on Redeem code
  • Paste the copied gift card code in the empty text area.
  • Click on Redeem
  • Done. Now Gift card balance will get added to play store balance.
Google play gift card codes unused list

What to do if you can't redeem the code?

Often there are many problems when redeeming the code.  If the gift card code is correct, it still generates some issues.  You can follow some proven steps for this. 

Try redeeming the card to fix the card problem, but don't leave any space when entering the code this time.
To prevent theft of gift card codes purchased at offline retailers, they need to be activated upon purchase.  Note that Google does not activate the card on behalf of the retailer. 

If the card is already activated, you need to visit the place where the card was purchased to check it. If this is the case with promo code, then you have to make sure that the code has not expired where it was received from. 

Even if the retailer confirms that the card has been activated, you will need to contact Play Store support if there is an error redeeming the card.

What to do when your account is not eligible to redeem a code?

If your account is not eligible to redeem the card, you can try using that card in another account, as you may be logged in to the wrong account. 

To redeem the code, you need to login to the account to which the promotional code has been sent. 

If you typed a different email for your Google Account instead of eligible email, make sure you are logged in to your Google Account and try redeeming the code again.

Where can I buy Google Play gift cards?

There are very few ways to get a free gift card, but it is very easy to buy and use it for any purpose. If you give someone a Google Play Gift Card, that person can use that card to buy paid contents on the Google Play Store. 

Google Play Gift Cards can be purchased at some offline retailers and in digital wallets like Amazon Pay, Paypal, Paytm and Google Pay etc. 

Countries where you can buy Play Store digital gifts

Users in a few countries are allowed to purchase digital gifts on the Google Play Store.  E.g.  The gift of a book gift from the Play Store to your loved one is available in the following countries.

United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland.

Countries where Google Play promo codes are available

Gift card codes and promo codes are not related to each other, as gift cards are purchased and promo codes are provided in promotional offers. 

As per the Play Store policy, Google's promo codes cannot be used in all countries. Google's promotional codes can be used in certain countries listed below.
Austria, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Czech Republic, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Denmark, France, Finland, Greece, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Russia, South Africa, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, South Korea,  Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United States, United Kingdom, Vietnam and United Arab Emirates.

What can I buy using Google Play Balance?

Credits redeemed to the Play Store as a gift card are added in the form of balance. With this balance you can buy paid content available on the Play Store, or add any subscription. 

Play Balance cannot be used for Google's newsstand subscription in the United Kingdom and some European countries.  Also, contents, services or subscriptions can be purchased using the currency in the same balance in which you redeemed the balance. 

If the purchase amount is more than your Google Play balance when making some purchases, then the promotional balance for payment and Play balance can be used for that purchase.  

You can read information about what can be purchased in each country with Play Balance by clicking here.

How to check Google Play balance?

Google play gift card codes unused list

 Credits redeemed by gift card or promotional code are added to the balance of Google Play store.  This balance can be purchased for paid apps, movies, ebooks and subscriptions.  

If you have redeemed credits in one account, the balance and purchased contents cannot be transferred to another account owned by you. 

To view credits redeemed through promotional codes, Google Play Gift Card codes and digital gift codes in Google Play Balance, you need to click on your profile icon located in the search box.  

You will then see options like my apps, library, payments and subscription, play protect, notification and offers, setting and helps and feedback. You need to click on the Payments and Subscription option.  After this step you have to click on payments method.  

 You will then see the total Google Play balance of your account on the payments methods.

FAQs for Google play Gift card codes unused list 2021


1. Can I convert Google play credits into cash?

Ans. There is no such facility in the Play Store, but any third party points converter app can convert Google Play credits into cash.  You can read about it in detail from here.

2. How to use Google play balance for mobile recharge?

Ans. There is no way to use Google Play Store balance directly for mobile recharge.  

It is possible to recharge mobile through any third party recharge app using the Play Store's In-app purchase feature.

3. Is there any hack available for Google play gift cards?

Ans. There is no hack available for Google Play Gift Card and it is impossible to do so due to strong security of Google server.

4. Can I reuse the Google play gift codes?

Ans. Once used code cannot be reused. Trying to reuse such code does not work. 


We hope You enjoyed the above list of Google play gift card codes. Some of the gift card codes may not work as the above list is shared for all.

High cost codes are usually not available in large quantities, so the number of such codes is low.
 We will keep updating the list for latest and working unused Google play gift card codes. Stay tuned! 
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Disclaimer: The information given in the above post is for general knowledge only.  The information provided here is well-intentioned and we do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this information.


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