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 Hello friends!  Are you looking for a low competition keywords list 2021?  Don't worry!  You don't have to go anywhere else for High CPC, low competition and high traffic keywords list.  In this post, we have prepared a list of easy to rank keywords you need.

Low competition keywords list, high cpc and traffic

Low competition keywords meaning

Low competition keywords are words that rank with low or without any backlinks and domain authority in search engines. 

Such keywords rank immediately because search engines do not have much content on those keywords or the content they have is of low quality. 

Highly competitive keywords make it difficult to rank new, low backlink and low domain authority websites on search engines.  Such websites are easier to rank using easy to rank keywords.

Low competition keywords list 2021

The following keywords are the least competitive.

Sr. No. Keywords Competition
1 Android 18 1
2 How to clear cookies on android 12
3 Android auto not working 5
4 Android tv setup 8
5 How to transfer photos from android to iphone 10
6 Best android car stereo 12
7 Best android tablet for drawing 9
8 Best video converter for Android 10
9 How to change keyboard language on Android 9
10 Non taxable combat pay 2

10+ Low competition keywords with high cpc

The following keywords have minimum competition and high CPC.

Sr. No. Keywords Competition CPC
1 Gaming battlestation 10 35$
2 online gaming degree programs 12 30$
3 best tv settings for gaming/td> 9 12$
4 Change Android launcher 7 50$
5 Hot apps best Android apps 6 17$
6 Push ups apps Android 5 14$
7 Engineering apps for Android 8 12$
8 Android file transfer not working 6 6$
9 Android phone geeker 0 11$
10 Windows media player for Android phone 6 25$

50+ High CPC, low competition and high traffic keywords list

Low competition keywords list, high cpc and traffic

You will find 50+ easy to rank keywords in this High CPC, low competition and high traffic keywords list.  

This list will only be available for the first fifty purchases and will be deleted thereafter.  If the keywords list gets a good response, we will provide a new file with more new keywords.  

We have kept the price of this list at Rs. 150 so that there is minimal competition on the keywords in the list.  We are sure that you will definitely benefit from the keywords file.  We have given below what those benefits are.

50+ low competition Keywords list (2021)

You know that low competition keywords are not readily available.  

The time required to find it, sorting keywords and predicting keyword search is very time consuming.

We have taken this effort for you and made your work easier.

Keyword ranking dificulty

Before writing content on a keyword, it is important to see how much competition there is for it.  Writing content without thinking about it is of no use. 

 The effort to write your content will be completely wasted because the keyword is not ranked on search engines, so it is difficult to get natural traffic, isn't it? 

 The keyword chosen to be ranked content as early as possible should have a minimum ranking specificity.

High CPC

The full form of CPC is Cost Per Click.  

This means that when a visitor clicks on an advertisement on your website, the estimated cost is how much you will earn.  

No matter how low the traffic and high CPC on a keyword, you can earn more than the keyword with more traffic.  We have included many such keywords in our list.

Search volume

Keyword volume is the approximate number of times a word is searched on a search engine in a month.  

It is very beneficial to work on the keyword only if it has the right amount of search volume.  While preparing the keyword list, we have considered the right keyword volume.  

You will find keywords with appropriate volume to maximum search volume.

Click Posibility 

Not every low competition keyword is profitable. 

 Because when you write content on this keyword, it is necessary to see the positivity of how many people will read that content before writing it.  

Otherwise your effort to write the content may be wasted.  Click posibility must be at least 40.

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